Industries We Serve


Industrial Sector

LPG remains as an important component/fuel for the industrial sector in Malaysia. Industrial players in the food and beverages, chemicals, metalworking and various other sectors rely on LPG as an important fuel to operate their businesses. It provides cleaner burning and is cost effective - versatile and essential for manufacturing and production requirements.


Commercial Sector

In the commercial sector, LPG can be utilised for a wide variety of applications such as water heating, cooking, baking and other niche specialised uses. Use of LPG is prevalent in the commercial sector due to its clean energy use, effective as well as efficient source of production and is a cheap source of fuel.


Hospitality Sector

The hospitality industry players such as hotels, golf clubs and theme parks rely on LPG to provide central heating, hot water and cooking facilities to service their clients. This is due to LPG being clean, reduces emissions while being an effective fuel for production.