Metal Cutting Gas

Specially optimised for cutting metal in the most efficient and secure manner.

The nc+ Metal cutting gas offers better quality of cut, increased safety compared to other cutting gases, user-friendly as a well as improved cost efficiency. This revolutionary alternative cutting gas solution is exclusively offered by NGC Energy.

nc+ Metal Cutting Gas

Benefits of nc+ Metal Cutting Gas

Achieves high combustive flame temperature of ~3300˚c
More cost-effective compared to Acetylene (DA), since cylinder inventory is lower
Effectively cuts metal up to 300mm (12 inches)
Smooth cutting with minimal slag formation
Free from withdrawal pressure limits, safer and more stable compared to acetylene (DA)

Other Benefits

  • High penetration

  • Clean cutting due to narrower kerfs

  • Minimal / easy handling and storage

  • No sooty flame (smoke) released during entire process

  • Reduction of C02 release by almost 50% at 38mm thickness

  • Reduction in overall consumption of fuel

  • Even flame to avoid overheating of cut surface

nc+ 10kg


nc+ 22kg


nc+ 50kg


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