Gas Metering System – Digitise your gas system

Ensure continuous cooking with the NGC Energy’s revolutionary Gas Metering System. Using the latest in gas technology and industry experts, let NGC Energy digitize your industrial gas system. Perfect for commercial users such as shopping complexes and retail outlets; get updates on current volume and issue remote commands all with the single push of a button!
The Smart Meter Feature

Installation of NGC Energy’s Gas Metering System digitizes your gas supply and essentially converts it into a “smart” industrial gas system. Relay instant commands and communications while receiving data from your gas system using NGC Energy’s Smart Metering.

  • Telemetry feature: Equipped with the latest and advanced telemetry system that is able to receive instant updates and data from your gas meter through an advanced yet easily accessible server system

    • Allows for JIT inventory management of gas
    • Daily Gas Consumption updates: Receive feedback on daily gas consumption and condition of your industrial gas system.
    • Judging from how volatile and hazardous industrial gasses are, the remote access allows you to view your gas systems consumption in cubic meters without ever having to manually go inside your tank farm.
    • Feedbacks from your gas system using NGC Energy’s Gas Metering System allows you to glimpse into business peak hours where gas usage would usually be the highest while at the same time easily spotting out any irregular gas usages or leakages.
  • Remote Lock Commands: Remote control commands allows you to open or close the safety valve:

    • Crucial in the event of hazardous gas leakages and fires occurring in your commercial establishment while minimizing risk to your staff.
    • Controls any excessive use of gas or pilferage that may occur in your industrial gas system
  • Ultrasonic technology reading: Through the use of ultrasonic sensors, NGC Energy’s Gas Metering System provide a much better reading accuracy with zero mechanical problems remotely, whereas standard volume meters tend to cause vapour lockouts which clogs access to supply while giving you false reading reports.
  • Prepaid Feature: Top up payments for gas could be set up with NGC Energy’s Smart Meter. Automatic payments of industrial gasses can allow for better and more thorough planning on your business expenditures

Make the move to a more “Smarter” gas system.

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